2008 Searching
  • Levels of Attainment
  • 2008
  • Galvanised wire, copper wire, coated wire, mesh, galvanised metal
  • 100cm x 100cm x 5cm
  • Mining Hall of Fame, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Collection of the Artist.
  • Photo credit: Adrian Lambert

2008 Searching

Searching , Mining Hall of Fame, Kalgoorlie, WA

This body of work is a personal investigation exploring Islam and examines some of the principles behind the culture and religion.  After Christianity, Islam has the second largest population of followers, spreading right across the globe.  Islam has extended throughout the world from ancient cultures, not unlike knitting. Through the medium of wire and the process of knitting as a metaphor for the integration of Islam into other civilisations throughout history, I have attempted to explore Islamic culture within Australian culture. I hope to encourage the viewer to look beyond conventional views, to ask our own questions and consider our personal perceptions of Islam not only as a religion but as a culture. How it has influenced or touched western culture from settlement to our present society? As you tread on your Turkish carpet and look through the arabesque on your flyscreen door, look at the patterns contained within and contemplate what they mean and where they may have come from. Also consider that over 10,000 camels, were imported into Australia from the 1860’s. Along with their Afghan masters, these animals were instrumental in opening up central Australia. They still roam wild today and can be seen from the ‘Ghan’, the train that traverses our nation, one tangible reminder nowadays of this early part of Australian history.

These 4 new works were exibited with the earlier works in the Seeking Insight…Unity? exhibition in 2007